Clinical Neurophys/Sleep Scientist

Mrs Elizabeth Sultan

BBiomedSc GradCertClinNeurophysiol


Mrs Elizabeth Sultan is a Paediatric & Adult Clinical Neurophysiologist and Sleep Medicine Scientist with impressive educational and work credentials. She completed her Bachelor of Biomedical Science at UTS in 2011, received a graduate certificate in Clinical Neurophysiology at CSU in 2013, Fundamentals in Sleep Medicine at USYD in 2014 and currently she is undertaking her Masters in Sleep Medicine at USYD. Her extensive work experience includes time in the Neurology Department at Westmead Hospital and Children’s Hospital Westmead. She underwent intensive Paediatric Clinical Neurophysiology training at CHW, from 2011 to 2014 followed by causal work in private rooms from 2014 to present at this location and last year at TWH, Neurology Department.


Described as a patient-oriented person, she delivers outstanding care and expert knowledge in her field of expertise, analytical and interpretive Sleep and EEG Studies. She has experience and in-depth knowledge in the analysis and visualisation of complex and non-complex electroencephalography data. Her special interests include the relationship between sleep and epilepsy, the reconnection between REM sleep disorders and Alzheimer’s Disease, In 2016, she founded the Neurology & Sleep Medicine Specialist Centre (NSMSC) organisation in Wollongong, NSW, which is now incorporated with Southern Healthcare Specialists.  Elizabeth is a recognised member of the Australasian Sleep Association (ASA) and The Neurodiagnostic Society -ASET.

Clinical Neurophys/Sleep Scientist

Mrs Kathy Zvirblis

BSc Dip Clin Neurophys/Sleep Scientist

Kathy has tertiary qualifications in science, clinical neurophysiology and paediatric sleep science. She has extensive experience in the fields of electrodiagnostic and polysomnographic testing, with particular interests in the relationship between sleep and neurological disorders, narcolepsy and REM sleep behaviour disorders. Kathy has been working in the field of sleep medicine since 2007.