Opus™ Nasal Pillows Mask

compact, quiet and very comfortable complete with an anatomical pillow-style Silicone Seal,  reinforced headgear and contoured to user’s face

This device boasts of a ball-and-socket-styled joint fitted with an innovative anchoring system for great stability and user mobility. Fully assembled and ready for use, the Opus Nasal Pillows Mask is an out-of-the-box solution with multiple-sized silicone pillows.

The anatomically-fitted pillows make for an easy fit and superb seal. The pillows’ contours guarantee comfort.

The headgear with its support reinforcements is naturally contoured to any face shape thus ensuring a reliable support and comfortable fit. The design is streamlined which permits a user to sleep on his side without displacing the mask.

It is possible to just attach the tube to the top or side, or leave it to track freely without fear of displacing the tuber.  An option is to keep the tube unanchored so the ball-and-socket for a 360° movement.

Noise and draft from the exhaust are minimized due to the air diffuser system. Quiet and peaceful nights are guaranteed for the user and partner.

With a built-in Soft-Lip™ Cushion, the soft Premium Frosted Silicone Seal naturally conforms to the upper lip for great comfort.

Fisher & Paykel Opus Nasal Pillow Mask